Writing for Professionals


Business Correspondence and Cover Letters

Business correspondence doesn't have to be generic and dry.  A few lines might suffice when there is a familiarity between coworkers or colleagues, but oftentimes the tone (as well as the content) can make the difference in how your email is interpreted and what the end results are.

Don't underestimate the power of a cover letter; it often helps weed out who gets the job interview and who doesn't.  Be smart and write one that reflects you-- a singularly impressive person.

Newsletters and Blogs

Concise, clear, control, and correct.  These four Cs can make or break your writing.  Reading a piece of writing with misplaced modifiers or incorrect word choices will be an immediate fail.  And a document that is too wordy and poorly organized is another epic fail.

Resume Writing

You can engage the hiring person initially with your cover letter but then your resume needs to show the specific details of what you have accomplished. The layout must be easy to read and the style should match the type of job.


Writing a speech for a wedding, a funeral, a presentation?  There is no reason to make it tedious or typical.  Speeches should be uplifting and uniquely one's own.  Don't fall prey to speeches online that sound like they were created by a bot.


I’d been working on my book for over a dozen years, and I thought I knew it as well as it could be known. Then I gave it to Deirdre Higgins. She understood its themes and narrative progression in a way only a true writer and editor could. And she found errors in the text that no one else had spotted, even though it had been proofread by numerous other professional readers. I recommend her unreservedly: for help writing, editing or even conceptualizing any kind of project. Her warmth and wit make the process a pleasure. Her eagle eye and gifts of perspective and scale make it a success. 

—Jessica Teich, author of the memoir The Future Tense of Joy

I hired Deirdre to edit my Masters thesis in Nursing Administration. As anyone who has taken on such an endeavor can tell you, the bar is very high for what is an acceptable amount of format and grammatical errors. Deirdre was very thorough in editing, and she vastly improved the clarity of my thesis. I can actually hear her now as I write this "what do you want the reader to know with this sentence?" (I am sure she would love to use her red pen on some of my incorrect comma placements). In the end I got very good comments back on my thesis; they actually commented on the clarity of the work. That clarity came from Deirdre's detailed editing skills. I would definitely hire her again for editing.

              Cindy Bitterman, RN, MSN

              LAUSD nurse

As a final year student from Germany I traveled to California to do research for my master thesis. For my qualitative interviews Deirdre Higgins helped me with English vocabulary, grammatical structure and a good strategy to use for interview questions. Furthermore, she gave me feedback on my resume since I was applying for an internship in the U.S. She also gave me helpful tips for writing business e-mails. Deirdre Higgins is a personable teacher who has lots of patience. I appreciate her advice very much and highly recommend her.            

             Ulrich Martens

             University of Munich

I am an ophthalmologist, from Egypt. I worked with Deirdre Higgins in 2016 while I was writing a newsletter in English for my medical students. With Deirdre, I was able to make my writing more clear and precise. I learned many useful grammar and writing tips from her. Also, she helped me a lot in editing my writing. Last but not least, I am very glad to become a client at her company (writewell) so I can continue to improve my English writing.

            Ghada Zein El-Abedin Rajab

            Menoufia University Hospital

            Pediatric and strabismus fellow, Stein Eye Institute, U